"But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give a reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect." 1 Peter 3:15

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Bird crap, Jr. high girls, and future wives

I returned to school this week. I came back a few days early to hang out with Matt and to move my stuff in. When I arrived at school, I walked up to my dorm and noticed a sheet with a name on it sticky tacked to one of the doors. I got excited and read it thinking that it would be one of the guys in my dorm this year. "Gena Giesbrecht." I was a bit confused. I really didn't expect to have a guy named Gena in my dorm. Thats when I realized that Soccer camp was still going on and that I was in a dorm for jr. high girls, so I quickly removed myself, found Matt Shantz, and threw my crap in a room downstairs. My stuff sat in a total of three different rooms before Shantzy and I could actually move in last night. But it was a good time catching up with Matt, and bumping into a few other good people from school.

On Friday evening, we went out to Nuefelds place in the city and sat on his porch waiting for him to get done with work. we watched from the porch little boys and girls at a birthday party the house over. They had ponies! crazy. as we laughed at a little guy throwing grass at a little girl, a squwaking, morbid, bird flew into my face and pooped on my shoulder. This was my first encounter being hit in the face with a bird. its exploding feces landed on Matt too, but Nuefeld washed our shirts and fed us. what a guy.

Uncle Buck is a very funny John Candy movie. Eating candy while watching John Candy just seems to make sense.

I came back home today once again so that I can speak in church on Sunday, my last day there. what a nice happily ever after to the once upon a time I started over a year ago now with this church. my, how I am going to miss those people. what a blessing it has been. perhaps I'll blog on what I'll be speaking on sometime (Matthew 25: 31-45), but not right now. All I'll say is that I truly believe that this will be a passage close to my heart this year, one that I hope I can learn to live out, so that I truly can practice what I preach.

Probably the best part of going to school early is seeing the wish book before anyone else. the highlights so far,...The Thunder Brothers (could you have a cooler last name?) and picking out future wives for Matt and Mike. Shallow, perhaps, but still a good time.

So, school is here again. I am very excited. It is so cool to see growth in others and self. I can't wait to see what God has in store for Providence College this year.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Love is what separates us from the goats (Matt 25:31-46)

I just found this beautiful ministry and I encourage all of you to head over to www.myspace.com/towriteloveonherarms and check it out. Read through the blogs, especially the story that got this whole thing started. So encouraging, so inspiring. I can't think of anything that excites me more then seeing twenty somthings starting their own ministries and really loving the hungry, thirsty, sick, naked, and imprisoned. Here is a video clip for you to watch.

Know that you are loved. Know that God looks down on your hurting heart, and that He hurts with you. Believe. Believe that broken hearts can and will be healed.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

a brain is no place for dynamite

Do you ever know precisely what you desire, yet wonder if its right. I mean, there are those times when we know what we desire is wrong. But what about those times when we just aren't quite sure? I suppose we have all faced this to a degree before, even if its as simple as wondering if we should take the last slice of pizza in the box, or if we should spend money on another cd after already buying two that month. These are the decisions that after a bit of thought, we can come up with a wise decision. But at other times, it is so much more difficult. Those times when your heart and your head disagree, when your voice can't be separated from God's or all the other voices in your head.

I'm in this boat right now. Its a really sucky boat. More of a raft, really. And no paddles. Out on rapids. Oh, and its held together by twine. Really old twine,...the kind you find in an old man's shed. An old, cheap man, who wouldn't bother to buy good twine, just so he can save a nickle. Yeah, pretty sucky. Is it that I just don't want to believe God's voice when I hear it because it contradicts my hearts desires? Is it that I won't allow myself to have what I want, or that I truly believe God has other desires for me? Is it that I'm thinking to much...Maybe not enough? I think I know the answer, but I'd love to convince myself otherwise. So, to all of my friends, will you pray for me? Pray for clarity, but even more so, pray for obedience, because clarity doesn't always make decisions easier.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Sometimes when the guys in my youth group are acting like dorks, I get angry and chop their heads off.

Thursday, August 03, 2006


Coke Blak. What were they thinking? I bought a Coke Blak the other day to see what it was like, and I'm pretty sure that I'll by another one just because it was so horrible that it will be canceled within a month and go down as the worst soft drink concept ever. The bottles will be worth a pretty penny. Lots of pretty pennies, and maybe some rusty ugly ones too. You know, coffee is great stuff, and coke is pretty darn good too, but making a coffee flavored soft drink is a bad idea. Sometimes putting two good things together makes something great, like Dr. Pepper with berries and cream or honey and mustard (do not put honey mustard in your Dr. Pepper). I would gladly give my kidney to the person who thought of putting honey and mustard together...even if he or she didn't need it. The genius who invented honey mustard deserves three kidneys. But then sometimes, two great things only make something incredibly horrible. I love puppies, and I love pizza, but puppy pizza just doesn't work in North American culture.

I had a good day today. Many times when I go into the office at church, I have a tough time keeping my eyes open, because I'm just not the morning person type. But today, I stayed relatively awake and I feel I got quite a bit accomplished. I'm beginning to prepare my sermon that I'll share the day I head off to school, my last day at the church. I am really excited to be given such a cool opportunity, it will round off my experience at the church very nicely. I only fear that my message will be to basic, to simple. But then again, I think that the church needs to come back to the basic, the simple. Sometimes the basics, the simple stuff offers the greatest challenge. Be Kind to your neighbor. Love your enemy. Feed the hungry. Such simple commands, yet so hard to do. Great challenges. In my time at the church, I've been able to speak to and work with pre k kids up to College students, and now I'll be preaching. What a great gift God has given me in this last year.

Today I folded bulletins at the church, and I loved it! That may sound ridiculous, but sometimes I really enjoy those monotonous tasks that need to be done but require chimpanzee intelligence. Most of my work requires thinking, so its nice to rest the brain, listen to some music and let the mind wander on the things of God, the things of the day, or the dreams of tomorrow.

We've had VBS this week, and I've loved it. I pray God blesses me with the opportunity to have kids of my own some day. Its like they breathe out life. I don't think there is a time that I feel more alive then when I've got a kid on each foot, one on my back, and another in my arms. I could do without the light saber stabbing and the shoe hiding, but I guess that comes with the territory.

video recording and catch; two more great things that don't work well together