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Sunday, January 09, 2011

Well, that's awkward.

One of my favorite websites is AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com. What family doesn't have it's own unique set of quirks? The beauty of this site is that it collects all of those goofy, awkward, sometimes cringe-worthy moments that just so happened to be caught on film and puts them all in one place (its like the family reunion of the internet). These tend to be rare jewels; diamonds in the rough...unless you are a member of my family. My family thrives in in capturing the awkward for posterity's sake. I like to think we have at least a bit of self awareness though. Most of our awkwardness is intentional. I think it is birthed out of my dads desire to always take a unique family photo for our Christmas card. Here are a couple from the past. I blogged about them here.

Sometimes, however, awkwardness abounds without intention. These are always the best photos in my opinion. I look at this photo, and even though I know me, I'm scared for this child! I blogged about this photo too. That post is here.

There are many other photos I could share; perhaps sometime I will. For now I'll share just one more.
Today was a monumental step forward in my families awkwardness as one of our family photos was added to AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com! Our basement was struck in the flood of '98 that swept through Roseau. We thought it would be kind of funny to pose in front of our trashed lawn. That explains the garbage. Nothing can explain my sock-sandal combo. The AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com address in the corner of this pic is like a badge of glory. I am so proud!

Do you have any awkward family memories? Catch any on film?


Chris H said...

This made my day. I would "like" the heck out of this thing, if your life were Facebook.

How did the cat one not make it onto that site? The garbage is unusual - the cat is just awkward.

I'd almost forgotten your resemblance to Mick Jagger. Of course, that resemblance ends at the sock-sandal debacle.

Alyssa Dawn said...

It was actually 2002. Perhaps that makes it more awkward. We were older, and you were still wearing socks with sandals.