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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Summer pictures 1

I got a camera this summer, yet I have not posted any photos yet, so here are some of the experiences and photos of summer thus far, starting with the most attractive child I have yet witnessed in life, John and Lauren's little boy, Corbin.

This one really accentuates the awesomeness of his very punk, very natural faux hawk. Next comes the tattoos and lip ring...

this was after I blinded him with 50-907 photos

Lyss Graduated, and pulled in billions of scholarships and grants (about $25,000+ just for this year!) since she's a genius. I got lots of photos at her open house and grad.

here is the family on graduation day. The parts in my dad's and my hair are in opposite directions. Isn't that aesthetically pleasing?

This is Lyss and her studly boyfriend.

open house!!!! I like food

Lyss had a pretty artastic gallery to show for herself

...wow. did you know that you can max out the number of photos you put in a post... I didn't. bummer....

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